Balancing [verb]

Definition of Balancing:

make equal; cause to have equilibrium

Synonyms of Balancing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Balancing:

Sentence/Example of Balancing:

Or were they merely orthodox through a more uneven balancing of their qualities, the animal in abeyance?

He launched into a long explanation of some scheme he had in mind for securing automatic balancing.

A girl and a type climb one of the tall lamp-posts and prepare to do a mid-air balancing act, when rescued by the others.

When I ran away, he seemed to be balancing himself upon nothing.

Beside it stood a boy, somewhat taller than Olaf, balancing on his head a great package.

"Sure enough," responded the Hercules, stopping short and balancing himself on his legs.

There, putting his hands behind his head, he lay on his back, his dangling legs balancing him below.

In balancing the wheel, instead of adding an extra weight, a part of the disk is filed out on one edge.

He closed and locked the cage door again and came towards us, balancing the key across the palm of his hand.

Watching the native nearest to him, Colin noticed that he rolled the seal over, balancing it squarely on its back.