Correspond [verb]

Definition of Correspond:

agree, complement

Synonyms of Correspond:

Opposite/Antonyms of Correspond:

Sentence/Example of Correspond:

In practice one party seems about as bad as the other, but at least the Democratic ideals more nearly correspond with my own.

And the latter supposition, indeed, seems to correspond with the circumstances of the facts.

As the tale is told at great length, I quote only a few of the lines that most closely correspond to Chaucer.

In fact, eleven stanzas (183-259) correspond to Boccaccio's Teseide, Canto vii.

With regard to the Whirlwind, perhaps it might correspond better to Dors picture; it has not turned out quite what I wanted.

Even his clothes correspond with what you told me to expect: a checked suit, brown in color, and of the latest cut.

It seems to be an ordinance of Nature,” said Hadria, “that these things shall never correspond.

Generally the sequence of time and the sequence of cause and effect correspond; for effects come after causes.

The general appearance of Angers does not correspond with the magnificence of its walls, its castle, and its cathedral.

The structure of the town does not correspond with the beauty of its site.