Correlate [verb]

Definition of Correlate:

equate, compare

Synonyms of Correlate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Correlate:

Sentence/Example of Correlate:

A learned Professor declared that no person unacquainted with astronomy could correlate “Moon” to “Omnibus.”

The student must exercise his judgment as to what is the best known to which he will Correlate an isolated fact.

In after time we can correlate incidents and circumstances, viewing them in a perspective more or less correct.

All these and kindred terms are probably correlate to the jovial Gogmagog carnivals and festivals.

We're going to have to correlate our work so that we'll know what we're doing.

Not until he reached a depth which he could correlate to the Late Carboniferous age on Earth did fossils reappear.

But is the Nootka correlate of “the small fires in the house” the true equivalent of an English “the house-firelets”?

Correlate rhythmic exercises with the reading language and nature work.

No attempt is made to correlate the names given by Cañizares with those applied at the present time.

That is, the evil in the world is due to jealousy, but this cause would be more difficult to prove than its correlate, love.