Disassociate [verb]

Definition of Disassociate:

break association with

Synonyms of Disassociate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disassociate:




Sentence/Example of Disassociate:

Socialists are very anxious to disassociate these from the "Proletarian" Sunday-schools which teach atheism.

My colleague, Mr. Fleming, made the remark that he could not disassociate longitude from time.

The bearing of this list upon any question whatsoever of general philosophy is evident for all who know how to disassociate ideas.

The Hulgun nobles were grouped together, trying to disassociate themselves from both the king and the priests of Muz-Azin.

It has been my great battle for years to endeavor to persuade the public to realize that it must disassociate the two.

I mean to disassociate myself from whatever might suggest a gloomy retrospect; and this her presence does continually.

In fact, he wanted to disassociate his friend from any pain failure should occasion, and bear all alone the sorrows of defeat.

Still, he has not ventured to disassociate himself altogether from Ptolemy.

But the visitor was unable to disassociate his personal identity from his office, and he bowed himself out.

Poppy wriggled her body about in her clothes in an agony of desire to disassociate herself from him, from the situation.