Portray [verb]

Definition of Portray:

represent, imitate

Synonyms of Portray:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portray:

Sentence/Example of Portray:

I thought him as true a representative of the people as ever theory could portray.

It is this greatness of soul in Cleopatra which Shakespeare has now to portray.

The nature they portray is not human, but super- or subter-human, which you will.

Now let us portray the events which preceded the masked bridal.

They were from a feudalistic world and tried to portray the Aztecs in such terms.

The incomprehensible is harder to portray in a story than is merely the unknown.

In the fashion of the age of Chesterfield they portray the perfect gentleman.

Comment is superfluous; nothing could portray their attitude more clearly.

The Planet he endeavours to portray is perpetually changing its appearance.

Those who so portray it fail in what should be their most awful and agonizing effect.