Describe [verb]

Definition of Describe:

explain in speech, writing

Opposite/Antonyms of Describe:

Sentence/Example of Describe:

What that means, as Doughty described and we verified, is that for the time being — maybe for the first time in our adult lifetimes — we can experience the island without a crowd for company.

Employees of the various businesses who received a ticket described their interactions with police as positive.

Over a century ago, Proust inhaled a fresh-baked madeleine that triggered vivid memories of his childhood, describing the experience in “Swann’s Way,” the first of seven volumes that compose “In Search of Lost Time.”

This feat, described November 19 at a symposium hosted by Columbia University, is another example of the tremendous progress under way in linking brains to computers.

“We need those people who are in the community to describe the situation in their communities,” Usman said.

Freedman described her research February 8 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, held online.

For a long time, he described himself as the optimist in his social circles, motivating his family and colleagues to keep going, day after day.

Ehrlich describes Unsolaced as a follow-up to The Solace of Open Spaces, a series of essays about life in Wyoming published in 1986, which remains a treasured piece of outdoor literature for many.

We accurately described the timeline for the event and when rain would change to snow.

Galanti described seeing parents identify with the difficulties so many students are experiencing right now.