Recite [verb]

Definition of Recite:

read out loud; narrate

Opposite/Antonyms of Recite:

Sentence/Example of Recite:

"I'd like to recite English in one of your classes, Emma," smiled Grace.

They recite in a timid and indistinct tone the prescribed fustian.

I was touched by the gracefulness and tact of my hosts in not asking me to recite any poetry.

In the first place, he maintains that you do not know how to recite verse.

When he learned that I could “recite a wee bit,” his delight knew no bounds.

Shall I recite its contents—that Messer Cosimo may be examined upon them.

They entered as solemnly as if each was alone and about to recite Hamlet's soliloquy.

He could recite you for hours long the ballads of Schiller and the lyrics of Uhland; ah!

You ought to have heard him recite poetry—his own, too, it was, he told me.

And, thirdly, he had been chosen to recite a Shaksperean piece at the ceremony of prize-giving.