Detail [noun]

Definition of Detail:

feature, specific aspect

Opposite/Antonyms of Detail:

Sentence/Example of Detail:

Novavax, similarly, hasn’t begun any trials in children, and a company spokeswoman said it couldn’t share any details at this time.

Investigators think the suspect might have been in the vehicle, but did not have a description or other details about the possible suspect.

He said he could not share details on the contracts or consultants the Housing Commission selected.

While the exact details for the EU’s new regulation are still unknown, it’s unreasonable to expect Google to pay to link to publishers on the main search results page, as Australia is trying to strong-arm it into doing.

Neither the team nor police have offered details about Reid’s actions leading up to the crash, which injured two young children seated in the back seat of one of the cars.

I tossed the stupid scrawled-out menu after a week, embarrassed to think of the time I’d put into describing each dish in detail so that I wouldn’t forget how I wanted to prepare it.

They have learned more details, heard from those victimized and seen the response of Republicans.

Those details were revealed in a motion filed Monday asking a judge to release Caldwell from custody, citing his long military career and ability to pass vetting for the high-security clearance.

In one of the few passages that mention extractive industries in any detail, Ehrlich recalls driving behind Halliburton oil field trucks near her home in California.

The executive declined to provide further detail on which partners.