Count [noun]

Definition of Count:

tally; number

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Sentence/Example of Count:

Before the pandemic struck, mail-in states such as California were already counting slowly.

The court declined to rule with the Democrats on requiring election workers to give voters a chance to fix deficient ballots or count ballots that arrive without a secret envelope.

There are a few important caveats to keep in mind when examining Europe’s surging coronavirus case count.

They try to subvert the accuracy of census counts, and block the use of safe voting methods in the middle of a pandemic.

California is one of those states, and if you show up without the one they sent you, you might have to fill out a provisional ballot, which will be counted once the election office confirms your eligibility and that you haven’t already voted.

Challengers Marie Pinkney and Madinah Wilson-Anton led with some votes left to count.

That’s actually 11 stocks, since the Nasdaq counts both Alphabet’s A and B shares separately.

In Foley’s scenario, Vice President Mike Pence — as president of the Senate, he would oversee the count in Congress — follows one interpretation of the law, arguing that neither set of electors should count because they conflict.

Yet the stock has fallen more than 75% on three different occasions and has been cut in half more times than you could count on one hand.

In New York, one in five mail-in ballots received by election officials were not counted, many because they arrived past the deadline.