Cue [noun]

Definition of Cue:

signal to act

Synonyms of Cue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cue:


Sentence/Example of Cue:

It prepares them for adulthood, when there are fewer cues to self-advocate.

This might make them more likely to notice the differences between new and familiar toys, and to attend to the verbal cue associated with them.

Strenger, a client support specialist, later told me the companies’ co-founders took their aesthetic cues from Pokémon.

Cumulatively, the report notes, human-produced noise can mask “environmental cues indicating the presence of prey and predators, resulting in loss of social cohesion, missed opportunities for feeding, or failure to avoid a predator.”

In the hands of a stronger writer, Malcolm & Marie could have taken its cues from great theater two-handers, duets designed to showcase their actors.

When New Glenn starts flying, it ought to take a cue from SpaceX and consider ride-share missions that launch dozens or even hundreds of payloads into orbit at once.

He dislikes email, texting and the like because there are no cues.

Sheehan continued to provide misleading cues on the Times’ slow progress on the story, prompting Ellsberg to step up efforts to find a member of Congress who would make the material public.

The team took cues from “Mass Effect 3,” bringing certain looks and mechanics from that game into “Mass Effect 1,” including its cover system and an adapted combat UI.

Autism, for example, often leads to a breakdown in the ability to gauge social cues.