Intimation [noun]

Definition of Intimation:

clue, hint

Synonyms of Intimation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intimation:

Sentence/Example of Intimation:

It is impossible to believe that thus far it is anything but a sketch and intimation of what it will presently be.

A test examination would follow of a perfunctory character, and an intimation of your appointment would be the sequel.

The reality of the pre-intimation of these shows their importance, and points out that preparation ought to be made for them.

He had been very wild and violent, and the intimation that he was hopelessly intoxicated was not very carefully concealed.

This was the first intimation to Lucy Warrender's friends in London of her sudden death.

At the same time he soon gave an intimation to the Republican leaders that he was not the kind of man they believed him to be.

Neither he nor any one within the prison or on the outside had any intimation of our contemplated escape.

Any such intimation would be sure to lead to a distressing scene on my part, and he hates tears and complaints of any kind.

Intimation of our approach was then sent on to the maharajah, that he might be ready upon his elephant upon our arrival.

Had we received the least intimation from you that our presence would have been welcome, you would have seen us before.