Information [noun]

Definition of Information:

facts, news

Synonyms of Information:

Opposite/Antonyms of Information:

Sentence/Example of Information:

Many fishing guides are still operating safe trips to local waters, but you can also find information on local fisheries on Fishbrain, a website and app that uses crowdsourcing to offer incredible detail on local fishing holes.

Ask for help if you need information, and report any problems you encounter.

He was running for president, and he had the same data and the same information.

Schilling pointed out nothing in the Politifact assessment determined the ad was false, adding the American Principles Project is seeking more information from Facebook and will seek options to appeal.

Even though it affected a smaller region, it gave us some information because it showed how many girls were in school before that and how many returned, and for those that did not return, why that was the case.

It’s on the short list of seminal events in the history of information technology.

The first is a set of four content templates called Signature Series designed to convey complex information quickly.

She also reiterated information released in April that laid-off employees received $4,000 payments to defray the cost of job searching and health care.

For free tickets and information, visit the registration page.

This information was balm to Louis, as it seemed to promise a peaceful termination to so threatening an affair.