Propaganda [noun]

Definition of Propaganda:

information that is designed to mislead or persuade

Synonyms of Propaganda:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propaganda:


Sentence/Example of Propaganda:

"If I work at all, it ought to be this propaganda job," Eric suggested.

Propaganda for the war interests, propaganda for the financiers.

The planetary rulers had taken no chances of tampering with their propaganda.

But somehow the telepathy stuff didn't work at all according to propaganda.

If the Socialist movement is to succeed in America, it must recognize this fact in its propaganda.

Does any propaganda come from Germany to help save America for the Americans?

"Yeah, the Legals want the Crusader for their propaganda," he said wearily.

They are all spreading the propaganda of the new social order.

This philosophy, so useful in propaganda, is becoming a burden in action.

All propaganda is, of course, a practical tribute to the value of culture.