Promotion [noun]

Definition of Promotion:

higher position in organization

Synonyms of Promotion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Promotion:

Sentence/Example of Promotion:

The authorities here have recommended him for promotion to the rank of Major.

To do as you advise would be to change all the rules set down for promotion.

It would have alarmed his superiors, and done away with his chances of promotion.

He was not in the line of promotion, and probably left the navy at the peace.

All his promotion had come from trying to excel in his routine work.

There is a continual jostling, and crowding, and buzzing, and striving to get promotion.

The selections for promotion are made from the clerks on the entire line.

And then the talk went on to Andy's promotion to General Brady's kitchen.

Not a soul approved this promotion when it was announced at the consistory.

He was also Commander of the Order of the promotion of 1688.