Derision [noun]

Definition of Derision:

insult, disrespect

Synonyms of Derision:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derision:

Sentence/Example of Derision:

Some of these staffers gave me looks of derision, but slowly complied.

So when Republicans start talking about deficits, it should be greeted with derision, contempt and outrage — not over their hypocrisy, but because of what they’re trying to do to the country.

The whole crowd shouted in derision, and Jones, in anger, fired every shot in his revolver before they could stop him.

Count Romanoff shrugged his shoulders, and a smile of derision and contempt passed over his features.

At those words of his the men interrogating him laughed in derision, declaring it to be a very elegant excuse.

Hence this Christian emblem became the object of scoffing and derision by the persecuting heathen.

I recalled patches of the bright dreams filling my poor noodle when I was riding to meet her, and I smiled in derision at myself.

“Very sad,” observed Professor Theobald nervously, with a glance at Hadria, as if expecting derision.

Why do personages so celebrated as kings and queens, so important as the generals of armies, become objects of horror or derision?

In derision the same banner was borne before the culprit to the place of execution.