Joke [noun]

Definition of Joke:

fun, quip

Synonyms of Joke:

Opposite/Antonyms of Joke:

Sentence/Example of Joke:

So, no, I might’ve said something slick, but I wasn’t cracking jokes all day, I don’t think.

Almost a decade ago, my step-siblings bought a pair for me and my partner as a joke.

“I do the standard eyeroll and the older the joke the bigger the eyeroll,” Monica wrote.

Save any top secrets, dirty jokes or spoiler alerts for somewhere else.

“We just drug around there and told jokes all the way down,” he said.

As we continue flailing, perhaps we need to rethink all those jokes about how our mountainous neighbor is supposedly so backward.

He said he made a joke about Bitcoin and his Twitter account got locked.

We were in high school, so we just laughed all the time and made jokes.

Layla was founded on April Fool’s Day in 2016, but the benefits of their mattresses are no joke.

The result takes listeners inside the comedian’s mind, a landscape filled with relatable reflections and raunchy jokes.