Farce [noun]

Definition of Farce:

nonsense, satire

Synonyms of Farce:

Opposite/Antonyms of Farce:

Sentence/Example of Farce:

The political farce casts Danson as a retired businessman who charms his way through a special election to become the mayor of Los Angeles.

Within a month, the Potter Committee had turned into a farce, spending days focusing on minute details in depositions.

Another Round’s premise seems certain to become a farce or a maudlin tragedy or a too-slick morality tale, but it never does.

Here was one cause of his disinclination to meet his wife—having to keep up the farce of Dr. Ashton's action.

Another celebrated spiritual farce was enacted in 1810, entitled "The Sampford Ghost."

After all, she could return his present when the farce was over, and she was in a mood to have the world poured into her lap.

He had told Ruby he would neither give his clothes nor money to the farce, and he prided himself on never going back on his word.

That done, there being nothing pleasant but the foolery of the farce, we went home.

Will this farce never have an end until the escaped gas blows up the colliery, and makes of it and of us a new Pompeii?

What good could be got from playing over the farce of discussing the Irish tithe bill?