Mock [adjective]

Definition of Mock:

artificial, fake

Synonyms of Mock:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mock:

Sentence/Example of Mock:

To treat a child wholly as an adult would be to mock and destroy it.

"He's a bad boy," said the Bookmaker, in a tone of mock condemnation.

Meeting Casanova in the entry, he gave him precedence with mock politeness.

Like the forfeits in a barbers shop, As much in mock as mark.

Nor were they the most horrible of those dreams in which she would help him to mock me.

They little dream how sadly they mock and betray their own faces.

At length they rose from the verdant green, and chased each other in mock pursuit.

I mock at everything in the world, especially feelings; and she is taking alarm.

It may be—it IS—devoted to purposes that mock the dead in their graves.

"She's paying for her mock composure, after all," said the matrons.