Bogus [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bogus:

"'If you are not a bogus Bunny you will know,'" I read, spreading the message out before me.

She must explain to me how that bogus money came into her possession.

The story of the bogus package had been noised abroad through later messengers and dispatches from the Gap.

Oh, you've lost your nerve since Merriwell and Griswold put up that girl job on you, and Diamond drew you into a bogus duel.

Frank had no notes or accounts that were of any value; they were all bogus and got up to deceive his poor old father and others.

We've changed her name and rig and her official number and letters and we're sailin' under bogus papers.

All the sums handed in to the State Treasury by the tax collectors have been found to be "bogus" money.

I am pretty well satisfied the same fellow followed Ferris to the establishment where you are having those bogus bills printed.

Suppose, what was also likely, that General Yozarro should arrive while the bogus messenger was inside the Castle?

The family sit on bogus Chippendale and eat off blue and white china.