Dummy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dummy:

Fix up a couple of dummy sacks, you know, and get them to camp and packed on the horse without letting them see what's inside.

When the first card has been led, dummy's hand is exposed, never before the lead.

When a spade declaration has been made by dummy, one trump less is necessary and the doubler need not be on the declarer's left.

The highest of a sequence led through dummy will frequently tell the third player that he has a good finesse.

The dealer makes the declaration or passes it to his dummy to make by the same rules as in three-handed or dummy bridge.

Dummy's cards are dealt face downwards, and the dealer declares without seeing them.

On the dummy's declaration the third player can only double before seeing his own cards.

I forgot to tell Baxter that the dummy had turned up and is a fine, personable-looking volume and very good reading.

June sat in the little dummy, the focus of curious eyes, while Hale was busy seeing that her baggage was got aboard.

The marquis stooped behind the bulwarks, a few paces distant, with the dummy.