Sub [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sub:

There are four other beetleheads on the sub and they carry disintegrators.

"That he 'll not get a sou more with my consent," broke in the sub.

You'll probably see me relegated to the scrub, sub or dub class.

"Boy Scouts of the Sea," watch us do our partIf a raider or a sub.

In the mornin' he comes around just like nothin' had happened and wants to know if I'll sub.

The sub, however, made no reference or allusion to this accident in his report.

It was only that I tried to save the life of a sub who'd just joined—and didn't.

Here, after a momentary hesitation, I signified I was, whereupon our sub.

You were the only person who gave a decent 'sub' to the society.

But to get back: the tank man has done his part and our sub is sinking.