Valid [adjective]

Definition of Valid:

right, genuine

Opposite/Antonyms of Valid:

Sentence/Example of Valid:

This would be his own excuse, and does it not seem a valid one?

Here are the two elements of a valid appointment, and they must concur.

There was, however, one real and valid reason for this inveterate jealousy.

You regard it then as authentic—as a good and valid instrument?

Of course it was a valid excuse, but it annoyed me to have her decline.

But any such axiom is valid only within the region of second causes.

You know as well as I do that you have no valid claim to this island.

To this the difficulty of access may well be urged as a valid objection.

A license was valid for trade only at a certain place and among a certain tribe.

There seemed no valid reason, however, for deserting Christiern.