Unlawful [adjective]

Definition of Unlawful:

against the law

Synonyms of Unlawful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unlawful:

Sentence/Example of Unlawful:

No lawful passion can ever be so bewildering or ecstatic as an unlawful one.

An unlawful expedient can not become a permanent condition of government.

Yet I respect this marriage of thine, as all Muslims must—for all that in itself it was unlawful.

In Ezra, the Tenth, the ram is offered for a trespass because of an unlawful marriage.

And they say, that the military uniforms now introducing, are haram or unlawful.

Anne, too, evidently had an unlawful interest in it, and wanted him to keep on talking.

Never, perhaps, was there a better excuse for unlawful love.

Daylight only made him a more weird, a more disturbing and unlawful apparition.

He was ready to adopt any means, lawful or unlawful, to secure that end.

The law is inescapable, for an action is either lawful or unlawful.