Legal [adjective]

Definition of Legal:

allowable, permissible

Opposite/Antonyms of Legal:

Sentence/Example of Legal:

She writes with the ease of a novelist rather than the characteristic precision of a legal scholar.

Another proposal would prohibit cars from blocking the box at intersections, which is legal in some parts of the state.

In general, ESG stands for “environment-social-governance” and comprises a set of principles that touches on issues from diversity and board structures to labor relations, supply chain, data ethics, environmental impact and legal requirements.

Companies don’t share that info, in part because of the concern about legal consequences like the ones Trek is facing now.

Jeff Kosseff, a former reporter turned lawyer and legal scholar, has emerged as one of the leading experts on the 1996 law and is author of the aptly titled book “The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet.”

Documents "relating to accounting, administration, legal, HR, investors relations and more" were also allegedly compromised.

If a higher court overturns Klinger’s ruling, July 1 will mark the first day it will be legal to possess small amounts of marijuana in South Dakota.

The stigma, what a legal scholar has termed a “modern-day scarlet letter,” sticks.

He had previously worked as the EMS Liaison and legal counsel for the Prince George’s County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association.

It was structured around a series of rapid-fire five-minute presentations on everything from which ads were working to messaging to legal strategy.