Passed [verb]

Definition of Passed:

go by, elapse; move onward

Synonyms of Passed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Passed:

Sentence/Example of Passed:

The box was passed from hand to hand, and excited universal admiration.

"Such an edict was passed because Athens is not a republic," replied Philæmon.

Twenty-four hours have now passed, and we are still tossing about on the ocean.

I supposed this to be a custom with the colored population of Turkey, and passed on.

Day after day passed on with no news of Giles or Will Wherry.

Mr. Forrest had passed through Adelaide one day before his arrival.

On our way to-day we passed some fine rock holes, but all were quite dry.

The blanks are now ready to be passed to the next process—marking.

I am well aware of the criticism which will at once be passed on what I now advance.

Then there was another stream to cross, which was also passed in safety.