Hie [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Hie:

Now Astrid conceived the desire that she should hie unto this her brother Sigurd.

"Hie thee hither, my squires," she called to the younger boys.

To hie now to bed the nobles desired, And repose on the bolsters their bodies tired.

Now off your bodies your armour lay, And hie to the castle in court dress gay.

But Arlo had no intention whatever of “hie-ing in,” being in that sense very much of an “old dog.”

To snatch up the billet, thrust it into his bosom, and hie to this place of secrecy, was the work of a single minute.

“The water ran mountains hie” at Chollerford Brae, says an old ballad; but that is clearly an exaggeration.

Hie stie up to heuene mid here gastliche ohtes for to sceawin e michele merhe of heuene riche.

Mine teares he sade me 91 waren bred dai niht swa gode hie ouhten.

A seat and place choose for me at your board, or bid me hie me hence.