Linger [verb]

Definition of Linger:

loiter, delay

Synonyms of Linger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Linger:

Sentence/Example of Linger:

If you’re going for a run or a bike ride, carry a mask in your pocket and avoid busy streets where passersby linger.

Ives notes the timing for inclusion is still up in the air, but “another quarter of profitability would help answer any lingering questions that S&P have,” he notes.

Despite many gaps between stones, sounds briefly lingered inside Stonehenge Lego, the team found.

Previously, some people in Japan and elsewhere had tested positive twice for the virus weeks apart, but doctors had concluded that those results were due to test errors or lingering infection.

Then, for the same period, they identified marine heat waves occurring around the world, where water temperatures for a region lingered in the highest 10 percent ever recorded for that place and that time of year.

Keep in mind, aerosols can linger in air long after a sick shopper has gone home.

Depending on the virus, those antibodies can linger in the blood for weeks, months — even decades.

They didn't linger long at Benton, but got under way and marched overland to the Cypress Hills.

As she said the last word, she looked at Baroudi, and her voice seemed to linger on the word as on a word beloved.

But one would linger long on the way if hePg 83 paused at every landmark on the Southampton road.