Tiptoe [adjective]

Definition of Tiptoe:

walking on toes

Synonyms of Tiptoe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tiptoe:


Sentence/Example of Tiptoe:

She had to go on tiptoe through the shrubbery and out through the church yard.

The responsible man, with a start, obeyed, and went out on tiptoe.

I forgot all my tatters and stood on tiptoe in the stirrups to overpeer the fence-row.

There was somebody approaching her room—evidently on tiptoe.

At last the mother took up the lamp and they went off, one after the other, on tiptoe.

The journalist stood on tiptoe, for as yet he did not understand.

And she was going away on tiptoe, when she remembered her gloves.

Standing on tiptoe, I glued my eyes to the narrow slit which was our only ventilation.

They opened the door of the larger room and entered on tiptoe.

Most of his hearers were silent now, on tiptoe of expectation.