Creeping [adjective]

Definition of Creeping:

in the act of creeping

Synonyms of Creeping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creeping:

Sentence/Example of Creeping:

The lady in black, creeping behind them, looked a trifle paler and more jaded than usual.

Her feet crush creeping things: there is a busy ant or blazoned beetle, with its back broken, writhing in the dust, unseen.

I still think we might have done as well at much less cost by creeping up these 200 or 300 yards by night.

They destroy ants and spiders and other creeping things, so that Alila's mother never kills them nor drives them away.

But he did not notice a silent figure creeping up to the window of the room in which the rest were dining.

Hours afterward, Red Jerry came creeping up from his hiding place, and found her.

Two Turkish Regiments were discovered in mass creeping along the top of the cliffs by the searchlights of the Scorpion.

Easterns are born with an appetite for intrigue, with a love of walking in hidden ways and creeping along devious paths.

Lauritz Seehus, creeping in behind him, took the yoke lines, so that everything should be done man-of-war fashion.

Creeping down softly she opened the door of the room behind the library, and glided in.