Lag [verb]

Definition of Lag:

move slowly; delay

Synonyms of Lag:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lag:

Sentence/Example of Lag:

Shared servers are ok for smaller sites, but if you want to avoid the lag time, opt for another type of hosting.

That way, visitors can still play the video right there on your page, but they won’t deal with any lag in load time.

I had enough of dropping off important Zoom calls and listening to my partner complain about the lag during video games.

Those steps are part of the reason for the lag every election.

So for example, when you click on a link on your phone, you might notice there’s some lag time to get a response back from the network.

Owing to its inertia, it would thus tend continually to lag behind the particles of matter about it.

Ecclesiastical is ever wont to lag somewhat in the rear of political improvement.

I was living in Lambeth at the house of an old lag, who practically took nobody but crooks as lodgers.

While he was urging on one part of the herd, the others would lag by the wayside and begin to graze.

They invariably keep up, and oftener come out ahead than they lag behind.