Drag [noun]

Definition of Drag:

bad situation

Synonyms of Drag:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drag:

Sentence/Example of Drag:

Though the vast majority of stocks––including beaten down financials and airlines––proved resilient over that period, their numbers and strength weren’t nearly sufficient to offset the drag from the falling tech titans.

How to vote in your stateBut the president’s ratings overall and on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic are in negative territory and are a drag on his candidacy.

If the poll result gets dragged out, or, gasp, gets contested, that will add all kinds of volatility to the markets.

For smaller kids, try dragging a mattress out of the bedroom, propping it against a couch, and encouraging your little ones to scramble to the “peak” at the top.

What had never been done was mobilizing drag artists all over the country in service of getting out the vote.

Some said officers used physical force, handcuffing or dragging them around in the course of giving them the ticket.

There’s been disagreement over what happened — Atkins blamed the Assembly for dragging its feet — and a pair of major police reforms also failed to meet the deadline, including SB 731.

Additionally, they’re thinking about how they may need to revamp their product assortment and marketing throughout the year, as the types of products people want will be affected by how long the coronavirus pandemic drags on.

People can tune in between Zoom calls, but that flitting in and out can drag down the average number of people watching in any given minute.

We, Watsons, are waiting for him to step forward and drag various dark mysteries into the light of day.