Encumbrance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Encumbrance:

He points to the hassles of regulatory compliance and warding off hacks as an unnecessary encumbrance on businesses.

Dangerfield was no longer conscious of anything but an angry determination to revolt, to be free of all encumbrance.

The cargo of the sloop hoisted on to the deck by the capstan, compact as he had made it, was an encumbrance.

So desperate had been the charge that our little craft was now actually a serious encumbrance to the monster.

An' sell Bruno; he's a vicious brute—nothin' but an encumbrance.

They set to work together to remove the irons, and his legs were at length freed from this encumbrance at about five oclock.

Whatever has nothing to do, whatever could go without being missed, is not ornament; it is deformity and encumbrance.

It was to be a steep, almost straight-up climb, so Jack laid down his rifle and started without encumbrance of any kind.

Within the following two years they paid off the entire indebtedness on the property, which was thus free from all encumbrance.

But the weight upon his head, the crushing encumbrance about his body, were too much for him, and bore him slowly downward.