Duty [noun]

Definition of Duty:

responsibility, assignment

Synonyms of Duty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duty:

Sentence/Example of Duty:

With more than 30 million people in the United States at least partially vaccinated against covid-19, you may wonder whether the shot has done its duty, arming your immune system to fight off infection.

On the first Tuesday in December, the texts to Teen Line stacked up faster than the six volunteers on duty could answer them.

Extra duty provisions were tagged whenever the contract acknowledged the existence of such an arrangement.

The former chief, Philip Zacche, pleaded guilty to taking money for extra duty work he didn’t do.

The story you tell is of deferring to others, out of an unspoken sense of duty — that this is how marriage or family work so you’re going to do your part.

Union representatives said most who tested positive were among the 1,400 sworn personnel on duty that day.

The “sommanager,” a position that combines beverage and overall management duties, is likely to be more common in post-covid restaurants.

Facing a Senate panel on which half of the members are GOP senators wary of the EPA’s authority and its reach into much of American life, Regan appealed to a collective sense of duty.

If a single protein can do double duty, it spares the cell from transcribing, translating and maintaining more than one gene.

Yet some observers have suggested that Israel no longer has a duty toward Palestinian health, citing articles in the Oslo Accords that hold that responsibility for health would be transferred to the Palestinians.