Onus [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Onus:

It threw upon the Senate the onus of repairing the defects of the bill.

Any tyro in the logics will tell thee that the onus of proving lies with the accuser.

At all events the onus of proof rests with those who assert it is imponderable.

Let it be understood by such as are aware of what has been, that I bear the onus of the rupture.

The onus of speech seemed to rest with him, and he accepted it.

Males, as males, could not escape the onus of Mr. Hamilton Dix.

The onus of proving his honesty will rest with the man who holds the ticket.

Sometimes the onus of proof rests on one of the two sets of relations.

On the one hand, he had to accept the onus of recommending his chief officer for a command.

It was clear that the onus of further speech was to rest with him.