Obligation [noun]

Definition of Obligation:


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Opposite/Antonyms of Obligation:

Sentence/Example of Obligation:

But I don't wish to be under any obligation to him, that's certain.

Yet I don't like to owe him an obligation, if I could help it.

He cannot permit the burden of obligation to remain upon him.

At the lowest mark, the balance will be even, and there'll be no obligation at all.

This obligation to learn ceases when certain examinations are passed.

I am now in a state of obligation: so must rest satisfied with whatever I cannot help.

But I have let him pay for me again and again, and I don't know how to rid the obligation.

Let then your future life show that you are not insensible of the magnitude of the obligation.

The obligation of marriage was legal, like military service.

I feel myself absolved from all obligation to let him remain.