Asset [noun]

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A rising China can be a significant asset for the region and the world, and selfishly, for the United States.

However, search bars are a valuable asset that can increase internal sessions and conversion.

It helps establish your company as an entity, which in itself is a great asset to your SEO.

At the same time, they have all but stopped lending money for the higher-end properties worth too much for the government to accept, suggesting that the banks are knowingly passing climate liabilities along to taxpayers as stranded assets.

The emphasis has shifted away from obsessing over consistency of tone and protecting brand assets.

A broad index tracking these riskier assets, known as “junk,” or “high-yield,” bonds, plummeted 20 percent in the weeks before the Fed’s intervention.

Often insurance is a key asset for companies trying to reorganize and get a fresh start, said Fitzgerald, who is now with Tucker Arensberg law firm.

When making investment decisions, asset owners and asset managers have the power to pick leaders and laggards.

Established in June 2018, the company had no deals or assets to its name.

In such incompetent hands the malt business soon fell to be a liability rather than an asset.