Liability [noun]

Definition of Liability:

answerability, responsibility

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Sentence/Example of Liability:

Now, the GOP is pushing to put corporate liability protections in any follow-up pandemic legislation so that businesses aren’t held responsible if their workers or customers get sick.

The cases also shared a common theme of the “host companies” claiming they had no liability since they were not the workers’ direct employers.

While the fire was burning, an attorney for Singh registered a new limited liability company, Regal Rose, at one of Singh’s business addresses.

Prior to joining Google, Delaine Prado practiced media law and product liability law with Philadelphia law firms.

“If Congress extended vaccine liability protections to any institution that requires it, and insulated them, that would change the equation,” he says.

The company has always skirted legal liability by arguing it isn’t really the seller, but that may be starting to change.

In a warming environment, Lord suggests, genes tuned to an arctic climate proved a liability.

An outside law firm also recently concluded that while securing new space for its workforce, officials effectively shielded the owners from legal liability should something go wrong.

The lease agreement shielded the developers from long-term liability should environmental and other problems arise.

In response to industry advocacy, many states in recent months limited legal liability in senior facilities during the pandemic, but in California, Newsom has not acted on a proposal in this vein.