Owing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Owing:

Made rather a late start, owing to some of the horses straying.

But, if I do not ask, they may allege, that my not going is owing to myself.

It was unfortunate as to time, owing to the condition of affairs in Italy.

The office had been closed, owing to a death, and Palmer was in possession of a holiday.

The Causses, owing to their isolated position, may be said to have escaped a history.

Owing to the time of the year and to the abominable weather there were hardly any passengers.

My steadiness was owing, in a great measure, to the following circumstances.

We are informed that the solemnization of it was owing to a miracle.

Your distress is owing to the vast disparity between you and them.

All his trouble, and mine too, is owing to his faulty character.