Resolved [verb]

Definition of Resolved:

make up one's mind; find solution

Synonyms of Resolved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resolved:

Sentence/Example of Resolved:

He resolved to listen with good grace to any homilies that might issue.

And so she had resolved upon surrender—upon an outward surrender.

He resolved at once to seek her and give his love freedom to tell itself.

He was not timid, however, and resolved to broach the subject.

He resolved to be as prudent as possible, and avoid, as far as he could, any altercation with Haley.

And they think you are resolved to break theirs: so tit for tat, Miss.

This I am resolved upon; if I have not his sister, I will have him.

I may never see her again perhaps; for they are resolved to break my heart.

He was resolved to treat this subject upon large and generous principles.

He was resolved to let me see, that I should have nothing to expect from his kindness.