Intend [verb]

Definition of Intend:

have in mind; determine

Synonyms of Intend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intend:

Sentence/Example of Intend:

Masai is taking some time to process the ordeal, and intends to address it publicly at a later date.

Chapek said the company is “still intending it to be theatrical but we’re going to be watching very carefully” to determine whether it might move to a streaming platform.

We had members of Congress who intended to challenge the election results opting not to after what happened.

At a high setting, the cordless heated blanket can only stay warm for two hours, which may be an issue depending upon your intended use.

The corona passport is intended to speed a return to normal, but what it will look like is still under discussion.

Unlike Graham, some of the 45 Senate Republicans who voted to dismiss the trial on constitutional grounds have indicated that they intend to hear out the evidence before making a final decision.

Some of the world’s biggest economies have said they intend to do just that.

Compared with previous plans, Democrats are accelerating the rate at which the stimulus payments decline for higher-income earners, a move intended to prevent wealthy Americans from receiving the benefit.

Gill, who did not respond to a request for comment, has told interviewers he is not trying to pump up the price of the stock and always intended to hold his shares for the long term.

She seems to have awakened the spirit of poetry the way I think it was intended to be, to be a voice of the people.