Denote [verb]

Definition of Denote:

designate, mean

Synonyms of Denote:

Opposite/Antonyms of Denote:

Sentence/Example of Denote:

The rivalry game in Dallas often denotes the moment pragmatism makes its way into the postseason-expectation conversation.

Those rocky deposits denote the edges of ancient, bulldozing glaciers.

To synchronize all the data, the team added an artificial “marking signal”—a strange-looking electrical pattern—into brain recordings to denote the start of an experiment.

The children were given wristbands denoting their group’s color.

The title tag denotes what will appear as the page title in search results, and the meta description is the descriptive text that appears just below the title in those results.

In Scotland, even a beggar has none of those abject manners that denote his class elsewhere.

The reception of it did not imply the attainment of grace; but as a sign, it was appointed to denote grace received.

This again was used equally to denote a potentate of either sex, until at last we find the interjection dame!

When we swung into the clearing there was nothing in his appearance to denote the terrible experience he had passed through.

The differentia should include all the members that the term denotes, and it should exclude all that it does not denote.