Symbolize [verb]

Definition of Symbolize:

represent; stand for

Synonyms of Symbolize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Symbolize:


Sentence/Example of Symbolize:

The combinations change as the soul that they symbolize changes.

What do Pindus and Ossa symbolize, and what exactly does their melting mean?

It's to be an Anglo-American pageant, to symbolize the school.

These objects also symbolize metaphysical and cosmological truths.

If that hadn't happened, something else would have, to symbolize you.

Now, the first symbolize our faculty of perceiving, as the second our faculty of acting.

Chess may symbolize any conflict, but it is chess and it will remain chess.

He gestured with his hands to symbolize care-free simplicity.

Is the verse that is recast meant to symbolize a moral in love?

The names that will live are the names that symbolize the causes for which they stood.