Illustrate [verb]

Definition of Illustrate:

demonstrate, exemplify

Opposite/Antonyms of Illustrate:

Sentence/Example of Illustrate:

Now, that last question illustrated the potential downside of asking sensitive questions.

That illustrates just how much the creative development process has changed and how much can be achieved asynchronously, he added.

When talking about soundscapes, print articles can only do so much to illustrate the issue.

According to Mackinac, the example Overton often used to illustrate the window’s movement is the changed public perception of school choice.

Business needs to work in conjunction with government because, as the pandemic has illustrated all too clearly, when it comes to a global crisis, they depend on governments with their powers of monetary creation and taxation to bail them out.

This hypothetical creature, later called “Maxwell’s demon” by the physicist William Thomson, was imagined by Maxwell to illustrate a quirk in the second law of thermodynamics.

In tracing the paths of the two women, Jones illustrates the complexities of race and class in an evolving tourist town, moving between perspectives of a cast of characters to reveal the horrific aftermath of a crime gone wrong.

It also illustrates the realities of the pandemic response in America, where there is little appetite for more limitations to curb viral spread.

Ninety writers take on five-year periods, illustrating it through essays, stories and more in a beautiful retrieval of voices once left unheard.

The findings on vaccination data illustrate that a long-standing lack of information on the race and ethnicity of who has been diagnosed with covid-19, the illness caused by the virus, has carried over to who has been inoculated.