Typify [verb]

Definition of Typify:

represent, characterize

Synonyms of Typify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Typify:


Sentence/Example of Typify:

Was he a quadruped with mane and tail, or an allegory invented to typify destiny?

Therefore, when you fight for us you fight not only for yourself, but for everything you typify.

It seemed to her to typify all that was unlovely in her life.

His Virgins are like goddesses, and seem to typify for him the strength of womanhood.

This was to typify to him his own undutiful and unnatural behavior.

While men may not have intended to typify anything in the case, God did.

It was the one which among the Indians is supposed to typify memory and regret.

The irregular swaying of the boat and the tug seemed to typify the new phase.

They came to typify all the dark and formidable powers as to their inevitableness.

It was allegorical and was intended to typify the course of human life.