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Publishers’ biggest differentiating features for advertisers are their audiences and the context within their ads will sit, said Alessandro De Zanche, founder of media consultancy ADZ Strategies.

Along with that comes systemwide picture-in-picture support for videos—another feature that has made its way from iPadOS—and a number of significant improvements to Messages, Maps, and other applications, as well as a new live translation app.

The feature, known as Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, was designed to make the Max feel exactly the same to pilots as the earlier family of 737s known as the Next Generation.

Since then, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Instagram and Twitch have added watch party features.

Apple also debuted the Apple Watch SE, a lower-end model with fewer features that starts at $279.

The new Watch Family Setup mode allows kids to get some of the features of a smartphone with just a watch.

Apple was the first to introduce heart-rhythm tracking, a feature since added by Fitbit and Samsung.

This year, it seems Apple will follow its iPhone SE strategy and offer a brand new Watch with fewer features instead of keeping an older model for sale.

For Lola, doubling focus on customers’ needs led to initiatives like forming a menstruation support community, an “Ask An Expert” feature, and relaunching the brand’s digital community hub, creating more interaction on Lola’s website.

More recently, Marineau-Mes was shifted to work on features like the new iOS 14 widgets.