Hallmark [noun]

Definition of Hallmark:

symbol, authentication

Synonyms of Hallmark:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hallmark:

Sentence/Example of Hallmark:

The concept of evidence-based medicine, for so long a hallmark of trustworthiness, has been deeply corrupted by drug and device manufacturers whose deep pockets can sway the results and the reporting.

A sleek design is a hallmark of Moleskine, and makes this a great notebook for well beyond the classroom.

Diversity was also a hallmark of “Vida,” which ran for three seasons on STARZ.

In fact, the lack of reliable, quickly updating data has been a hallmark of this crisis, whether it be public health or economic data.

Just as scientists are beginning to understand how this microbiome supports human health, hallmarks of modern life such as antibiotics and processed foods may be pushing many of our microbial residents toward extinction.

What (p. 310)they meant was that it was unconventional, was without the dignity of tradition to give it its hallmark.

In all cases success starts with innovative intelligence products, which has not been a hallmark of United States operations.

There was imposed upon it the unmistakable hallmark of spirituality that has always identified it in the throng of the nations.

Nature does not make duplicates; her creative hallmark is upon every leaf and bee; upon every cliff and cloud and star.

The reverse is fitted with two studs and a hook and bears the hallmark of "W. Pinchin, Philada."