Indication [noun]

Definition of Indication:

evidence, clue

Synonyms of Indication:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indication:

Sentence/Example of Indication:

The rumor mill has also found indications that Apple may release a second, cheaper new version of the Watch.

The CEO has given no indication he’s ready to retire, but if the 59-year-old Cook moved on tomorrow, look no further than Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, 57, to take over.

Perhaps the other indications had returned to normal by the time the cardiac MRI and other tests were performed.

This test is an early indication that one of them is shedding the virus, viral shedding starts before symptoms develop.

These early tests often involve 1,000 or fewer people and are mostly designed to provide an indication that a vaccine is safe, not whether it is effective.

I think this is a very positive indication that the FAA is starting to be responsive to the industry’s push forward.

As we’ve been saying for more than a year now, RSAs aren’t going away and this is further indication of Google’s intention to eventually make them the primary ad format for Search campaigns.

If the serological survey’s indications are accurate, the actual number of cases in Pune would be 20 times as high as the official number.

Nothing we see right now is really an indication of what people might accept in 2021.

In like manner the mouth, from being a bare symbolic indication, gradually takes on form and likeness.