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The changes won’t disrupt the level of the index, the company says.

In its updated 2020 wildfire mitigation plan, SDG&E said it developed a vegetation risk index, which could help identify where it needs to do the 25-foot pruning.

SAC spun the index off into a separate company in 2019 to further develop the technology behind it, and is promoting its adoption by other industries.

On those two previous occasions, value beat the index by the biggest margin.

By contrast, health care—the second-largest sector—carries a market cap of just under $4 trillion and represents only 14% of the index.

I’ve also seen some objections to the particular variables we’ve included in the uncertainty index.

In calculating Election Day error, we use a different version of the uncertainty index that de-emphasizes components No.

To be sure, as Paddy Blewer, public relations director at Henley & Partners, diplomatically explains, “you can fall in an index” because of “other countries doing better” — even if you haven’t slipped up.

Notably, this index isn’t based on a senator’s voting record.

A region’s heat index is how hot some really humid place feels.