Symptom [noun]

Definition of Symptom:

sign of illness or problem

Synonyms of Symptom:

Opposite/Antonyms of Symptom:


Sentence/Example of Symptom:

It may be that this same insensibility was a symptom of the disease.

Not a symptom of disobedience during the rest of the voyage.

Precocity is sometimes a symptom of disease rather than of intellectual vigour.

I have spoken of the lack of prayer in the individual Christian as a symptom of a disease.

And what is now the disease of which the lack of prayer is the symptom?

This recurring interest in women was a symptom of the 168 disease he had not yet shaken off.

It was a symptom of his miserable condition that he was apt to imagine slights.

Every question, every reply of the patient, must be a "symptom."

This symptom, in regard to my reading of the man, was no less than startling.

Judging by that symptom, he must have been in a towering rage.