Suggestion [noun]

Definition of Suggestion:

advice, plan

Opposite/Antonyms of Suggestion:

Sentence/Example of Suggestion:

The elder Milbrey, too, had met her at his son's suggestion.

At Percival's suggestion of a walk, Miss Milbrey was delighted.

There is one spot in Harrogate that has a suggestion of the early days of the town.

The main point is that I hoped she might have a suggestion to make about Hester.

The young man caught at the suggestion, and wanted to help carry it out.

Yet she wondered if the instinct were not dormant, needing but the suggestion.

The suggestion came first from Gracie Dennis, and sounded reasonable.

On the contrary, her voice was, if anything, even colder as she replied to his suggestion.

But they repulsed him rudely, and treated his suggestion with contempt.

She shrinks from her father's suggestion of a summer on the farm.